I have worked at Sidney All Care for two years now.  There are so many great staff members at All Care.  There is such a wide range of expertise here from amazing Care Aids, Nurses, Kitchen staff, Housekeeping, Recreation, Reception, Maintenance and Management.  I personally enjoy my daily interactions with the residents as well as their friends and families and I definitely enjoy the staff comradery.  There are ongoing learning opportunities, fun and theme days, fantastic food and lots of smiling faces.  All Care is a warm, friendly environment for both staff and residents.
Andrea Smith
As a long term employee of 7 years, I can honestly say I love where I work! The staff are exceptional and care for the residents as their own grandparents.
The benefits and “little extras” such as the Health and wellness fund show the management team care about their employees and provide work life balance. The management team has an open door policy and is always there to provide the support we need- thank you.
With any facility there are always small glitches, but when you have the most amazing team of health care professionals, food service, housekeeping, recreation and management you get through it together-and we have! I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else because I know just how well the residents are cared for at SACR.
Hard working staff, great team work between departments, hands-on management, fun rec activities, very clean premises, great food. 10/10 recommend if your loved one needs the kind of complex care this place offers.
I have only been with the company for a short time and as a new graduate I feel very supported by the team at SACR. It is rare to see the staff without a smile on their face and supporting the residents who live there. I find that management is always willing to listen and strives to solve any issues that may arise. I love my co-workers and look forward to working with all members of each team!
Michelle has made it an easy transition for me as a new graduate and has done nothing but support my continual learning as well as offer me new opportunities! She supports the team and advocates for the residents as well as the staff!
No where in healthcare is perfect but the residents are treated with the utmost respect and the staff are generally very happy, it makes coming to work way more fun!