All Care Canada envisions a community that attracts those who value a life which is enriched by being present each day and is further made extraordinary through individuality, play, innovation, healthy living and compassionate care on this journey of life.


It is the mission of All Care Canada to provide a loving home and community through the provision of meaningful relationships, experiences and caregiving at the highest possible standards. Our focus is on the individual needs of those who share our home and community, and it is the desire of All Care Canada to be the best choice for all who choose to live a superior quality of life.

All Care, We Care, I Care

to enrich the lives of those in our care and around us.

ALL CARE envisions a home where lives are enriched every day through:

    • Believing that our residents are individuals whose individual needs are our highest priority.
    • Preserving dignity, self- respect, individual rights, and healthy living by performing care safely and empathetically in a loving and caring environment.
    • Believing family is an integral part of quality of life and encouraging family to be closely involved with the All Care community in meeting both resident and team member needs.
    • Personal recognition and rewards for individual and team contribution.
    • Encouraging free expression of ideas and concerns, and participation in the organization.
    • Treating each other fairly and with respect.
    • Encouraging continuous learning to reach maximum potential therefore providing the best to our residents and fellow team members.
    • Working in an unselfish and giving manner, with the understanding that there must be individual and collective responsibility for the care of each resident and team member.
    • Continuously improving by exploring efficient, effective ways of delivering on our vision and mission.

WE CARE by demonstrating the belief that we are all connected, recognizing that our actions have a cause and effect, and that we believe: 

    • In acting as a team by providing innovative, compassionate and personalized care.
    • In a collaborative leadership that values the input of our residents, families and community.
    • In the fair and consistent application of the rules, policies and procedures of All Care Canada and relevant laws.
    • In acting in a socially responsible way by being good stewards of our resources.
    • In an environment that encourages initiative and creativity that is results oriented.
    • In being excellent ambassadors to the community in which we operate, maintaining communications with the various publics we serve and participating actively in community affairs, particularly those related to health care and family.
    • In fostering meaningful relationships with local educational institutions to assist with the development and advancement of community and health care programs.

I CARE by acting with integrity in all that I do and by:

    • Choosing to come to work with an attitude that assists in creating a positive and respectful workplace.
    • Living in the moment and being motivated to provide the best to those around me.
    • Being responsible and accountable for my behavior, actions and well-being.