Our conversation this month is with Jaclyn with The Happy Nest, a local all inclusive team that works with seniors here on the Island. We had a short discussion on what her team does. During that process we shared some items that would be helpful:

Selling unwanted items is a good way to raise extra money for your move.

It also helps to clear space, and there’s satisfaction in knowing that your old items will benefit others.

You can use websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to list belongings.

Make sure to accept only cash offers to avoid scams. You may also want to meet people at a public place for these transactions.

For smaller items, or those with lesser value, consider holding a yard sale. Other options include selling to collectors, used bookstores, online auction sites or music stores.

Return items to the people they belong to. Is your 40-year-old daughter’s prom dress still hanging in the closet? Ask her if she wants it. If she doesn’t, get rid of it.

Some charities, such as the Salvation Army, can pick up items from your doorstep free of charge.

Cope with Your Emotions

Wading through a lifetime of memories is daunting — and draining.

Downsizing can uncover a well of emotions, including sadness, anxiety, stress and grief.

According to a 2018 letter from the Harvard Medical School: “Understanding the triggers for these feelings and using strategies to navigate them may not change how you feel, but it may help the downsizing process go more smoothly so you can focus on your next chapter.”

If you find yourself in emotional turmoil, talk to someone. Invite a friend or family member over to help you sort through rooms.

Loved ones can listen to you reminisce about sentimental objects while providing you with a gentle push to let go of things you no longer need.

Even venting to an old friend over the phone after a stressful day of decluttering can calm your nerves and keep you focused.

If you don’t have someone to lean on, consider professional help. You may want to visit your primary care doctor or speak with a therapist.

Moving Costs and Other Expenses

According to an October 2020 poll conducted for North American Van Lines, 45 percent of people who recently moved said the experience was the most stressful event in their lives.

One way to cut down on stress is by developing a solid moving plan that fits your budget.

Average Moving Costs

Cost to Rent a Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck, such as a U-Haul, can cost between $90 for a small truck and a local move to $2,000 for a large truck and a long-distance move. The cost depends on how far you’re traveling, how much truck space you need, how long you keep the truck and gas.

Cost to Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company to transport your belongings can cost between $80 to $100 per hour for short distances and $2,000 to $5,000 per load for long distances. Hiring a mover typically costs $25 to $50 per hour for each worker. The overall cost depends on the size of your home and the distance you’re traveling. Moving heavy objects or navigating staircases can cost extra.

Full-Service Movers Cost

According to HomeAdvisor.com, hiring a full-service moving company usually costs at least $2,300, but it depends on distance and the square footage of your current home. You may be able to spend as little as $900 for a local move, or as much as $10,000 for a cross-country move. Make sure to get visual estimates and total cost estimates. Understand the difference between binding and nonbinding estimates to avoid expensive surprises.


Jaclyn and her team work together with our seniors and family members to ensure a smooth transition into retirement or care home. She shared a recent interaction with a family:

We were assisting a senior lady who wanted us to post a vintage sofa and TV console for sale. We strongly advised against this knowing they would be difficult to sell or even donate. We wanted to post the items for free to save them from the landfill (I probably have photos). In the end the items ended up being sent to junk removal because her home needed to be cleared. The message is, it’s often more rewarding to give items away!

Jaclyn was able to provide us with a comprehensive presentation below along with contact information:


Giving items away to family and friends is a great way to give them a second chance. We like to label items as decisions are made and set a pick-up by date 1-2 weeks prior to the final move or house clear.

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