Hello Family, friends & team members;
Please be advised that we have had to make some changes to the current visitation plan.

As you know, when the new directive rolled out just last week there were many considerations around the
organization of this to make sure we are able to rapid test each and every visitor that comes through our doors.

We have reassessed the situation and have now made the following changes which are effective
Saturday, January 15th, 2022:

 ALL appointments for a visit must be made using the [email protected] email, designated
social visitors as well as designated essential visitors are required to do this. If you do not have
email, then you may call but please be advised that the greeter is very busy doing the testing
and the time it takes for them to return your call may vary. This may impact the availability of
 Essential visitors must have been made essential by a member of our team, you cannot simply
deem yourself essential as we have certain criteria we follow for these types of visits.
 Essential visitors must also book their visit using the email above, even when it is to join your
loved one for a medical appointment or for any other essential reason. Please be advised that
you are required to give as much notice as possible as we may not be able to accommodate the
visit at that time if there are no open time slots.
 We will only be booking 2 visits per hour to be able to accommodate those visits that are unable
to be planned as testing is also required for those visits.
 No visitors between the hours of 12:00 – 1:00 pm arriving as no greeter available to do testing at
that time.
 Afterhours visits will only be permitted for end-of-life visits and the visitor must call the nurse on
the resident floor to arrange to have a staff member meet them in reception for the prescreening and rapid testing.
 Visit times will be between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
 We are only going to be booking visits 2 weeks in advance and will only allow 2 visits per week
per person, we are no longer pre-booking visits for an extended period of time as this does not
allow any others to book a visit fairly.
 For those that are taking their loved ones out for a visit please kindly call and we will make
arrangements to bring the resident to the front door so rapid testing is not required.

We are doing our very best to accommodate the visits and the testing requirements, please be patient
with us as we are doing our very best. These guidelines may change again in the future based on our
operational requirements and any new directives from Island Health.
Kind regards,
Michelle Paul
Executive Director
All Care, We Care, I Care