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Updated April, 2021

As we continue to navigate through the many different phases of COVID-19, we remain committed to keeping our residents and staff safe and through that commitment we have been able to develop and maintain the very best safety plan for your loved ones.  Here are some of the ways we have done this:

RESIDENT Monitoring: Twice daily resident screening is done by care staff and each resident is monitored for any concerning symptoms.

VISITOR/STAFF Screening: Upon entry to our community every visitor and staff member will be pre-screened by a greeter using our pre-screening tool. This allows us to add an extra layer of protection for your loved ones. 

VISITOR PLAN:  With the help of our dedicated visits team, we are able to accommodate in-person visits and patio visits. Our staff also coordinates video calls so residents can maintain connections with family and friends who are not able to visit.  Contact [email protected] to book your visit. 

There were no changes to the Essential Visitor guidelines in this most recent update. You can find all the information you need by accessing this link:

VACCINE PLAN:  We are excited that the vaccines have arrived in BC and equally excited that the first round of vaccines has been administered in our building. Island Health is currently working on scheduling the second round of vaccinations and is developing a plan for those that still need their initial dose.

STAFF EDUCATION: We have a trained COVID Response Team in the event of an outbreak. We have performed hand hygiene audits as well as provided in depth Infection and prevention control training to every staff member in the building.  We have also developed COVID Safety Binders for our care team which provides guidance around our current pandemic protocols.

 HOUSEKEEPING PROTOCOLS: We have enhanced cleaning protocols throughout our community which include consistent cleaning of high touch surfaces.

PPE: We maintain an adequate supply of PPE for our staff so they can continue to provide the safest care possible.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: We are mindful of this requirement within our building.

Even though we are focused on maintaining our Covid infection control protocols, this is the home of our residents and our goal is to ensure their mental well-being through their many interactions with staff and visitors.

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