Please join us in congratulating our Employee of the month for July 2022, Joselle Todd. Since starting at All Care in February 2022, it has been clear to everyone that Jo is dedicated to her role, the team, and our residents. Jo has shown her amazing teamwork over and over again! She brings a smile to work every day which uplifts her team and the residents. We thank you for your hard work and want you to know that we all see it!  Here are some comments made by her team members:

“She has been extra helpful in the kitchen while we’ve been understaffed. She is great to work with, has a great attitude and excellent at her job!”

“I have noticed how she has gone above and beyond to ensure we are never without staff.      What a trooper!!!”

“Comes in on days OFF to help”

“Always smiling!”

“Goes above and beyond!”

“Willing to try new jobs!”