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On Monday May 1st, 2018 Sidney All Care Residence celebrated a very special day, honoring our Centenarians. We have 6 residents who are 100 or over. Rona is 100, Helen 100, Frank 100, Margaret 101, Maria 101 and George who is 102.We celebrated with cake, singing dancing and music by Andy.

Our centenarians were asked what their secret to longevity was and here are a few of their answers
George 102 “Always helping others less fortunate than you and live a clean life”
Margaret 101“growing up on a farm and hard work made for a healthy life”
Maria 101“Keep optimistic and have fun”
Rona 100 “always keep family close by”
Helen 100 “good food”

All of our Centenarians were givens gifts to congratulate them and they
all had family close by

We were also featured on CTV  Vancouver Island   “The Sawatsky Sign off” please click link below to watch

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