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Transitioning into Long Term Care

How might your role as a Caregiver change after the move to Sidney All Care Residence?

Caregiving will no longer feel like a 24-hour per day job. You make feel like you have less control, but we’ll work with you to come up with a plan to provide the best care possible for your loved one. This typically means that you will get back more of your original relationship with your loved one. You can once again be a spouse, daughter, son, brother or sister!

We encourage you to be an advocate and voice for your loved one.  Allowing yourself relief from the day-to-day care giving responsibilities you had before will likely have positive consequence for both you and your loved one.

We encourage you to fill up your loved ones surroundings with familiar reminders of home and share your unique knowledge with our care team. This will help us learn more about your loved one and provide our care team with insight into their needs and preferences. You are invited to join the Resident and Family Council which holds monthly meetings.


How often should you visit? There is no set formula. Visiting is about simply being present while balancing time between activities and quiet moments.   If you have any sort of difficulty while your visiting please talk to our care team as they will have helpful suggestions.

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Here at Sidney All Care Residence we have made it our top priority to keep our residents and family safe by ensuring we are following all the mandated provincial guidelines for safety during this pandemic. We also recognize that another very important piece in this equation is ensuring that our residents and families are able to see one another and continue to build those close special relationships that are essential to both the family and the resident.