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The All Care Pen Pal Buddy group provides a wonderful bridge between seniors and children linking generations together through written letters. What started as a small idea has blossomed into a meaningful and very touching program for all those involved. We are sending and receiving letters currently with 2 schools – a grade 4 class at Cloverdale Traditional school and Pacificheart Childcare. The sheer delight upon receiving a letter is so evident on the faces of our group and their enthusiasm is infectious. Comments from some of our group include “I haven’t received a letter in years!” ” This is so wonderful to hear from Children” We take our time when writing our letters and the group shares parts of their lives, experiences, family details and special memories from times past. We are a lively group and often our letter writing and walks down memory lane are tied in to parties such as our St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or special birthdays. The letters between the pen pals are inspiring and often very moving such as our Remembrance Day letters. Our group is growing as more residents are joining when they hear and see the fun we are having! We are starting journals for all the pen pals so that families and friends can see the beauty of the interactions between the residents and the Children. We love to have family and Friends join the group so if you are in Visiting please come and join our group.

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