All Care Sydney - Admission

Respite and Long-Term Care Admission 

Our admission procedure begins with us taking the time to get to know our new residents and families. Our goal is to have the transition go as smoothly as possible and to do this we rely on the assistance of the family. We understand that a transition into care often occurs when there is a very urgent need and we will do our best to minimize the resulting stress. 

Every admission is different but we follow the same basic steps: 

    • Prior to admission, residents and families will be encouraged to communicate with our Community Relations Manager to discuss the care needs of your loved one and how those needs can be met at Sidney All Care Residence.
    • Our Director of Care does an assessment by phone with your loved one’s physician to determine the level of care required.  
    • An Admissions Meeting is scheduled where we obtain relevant medical history, sign paperwork, and gather information about your loved one to share with our care team. 
    •  If the residents’ family physician is unavailable our medical coordinator or one of the doctors on our team will be honoured to assume care while at Sidney All Care Residence. 
    • Sidney All Care makes arrangements with Care RX, our Pharmacy, prior to admission to have medications ready for your loved ones arrival. 
    • Discussion will take place with family members, to determine how best to transition our new resident into their new home. 
    • A minimum of 24 hours before their admission we request that you drop off your loved one’s personal belongings including clothing, pictures for their walls and anything else that will help us set their room up to feel like home. Our maintenance team is happy to set up their room and hang their photographs and pictures prior to their arrival. Our housekeeping team will label their clothing and personal effects. 
    • Our visitor staff will coordinate visits with new residents and their families. 
    • A Resident & Family Welcome Book is given to each resident/family. This booklet provides useful information about door codes, visitation and contact information for staff at Sidney All Care Residence. 

**Sidney All Care is a private pay residence and admission is based on availability of suites

Transitioning into Long Term Care 

How might your role as a Caregiver change after the move to Sidney All Care Residence? 

Caregiving will no longer feel like a 24-hour per day job. Initially, you may feel concerned that you have less control, but your ongoing contribution and advocacy is essential for us to deliver the best possible care for your loved one. With us assuming all the responsibilities of caring for your loved one, you have the opportunity to return to your original relationship; you can once again be a spouse, daughter, son, brother or sister! 

We encourage you to fill your loved one’s surroundings with familiar reminders of home, as well as share information about them to provide our care team with insight into their needs and preferences. We invite you to participate in the virtual monthly Resident and Family Council meetings, an excellent forum to keep on top of all the day to day happenings here at Sidney All Care Residence.


How often should you visit? There is no set formula. Visiting is about simply being present while balancing time between activities and quiet moments. If you have any sort of difficulty while you are visiting, please talk to our care team as they will have helpful suggestions.

Long Term Care Admission