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Shelaugh joined the kitchen team at Sidney All Care Residence in April, 2017. She goes above and beyond on every shift, doing whatever extra is needed for other team members, and making each meal a positive and caring experience for our residents. The whole team super appreciates Shelaugh’s willingness to go the extra mile. Her […]

Nicki Parker, Administrative Assistant For her Outstanding Performance! Please join us in congratulating our July Employee of the Month, Nicki Parker! Nicki has been a member of the Sidney All Care Residence team since December 2017. Since Nicki has become a member of the team she has worked tirelessly to help improve our scheduling department […]

On Monday May 1st, 2018 Sidney All Care Residence celebrated a very special day, honoring our Centenarians. We have 6 residents who are 100 or over. Rona is 100, Helen 100, Frank 100, Margaret 101, Maria 101 and George who is 102.We celebrated with cake, singing dancing and music by Andy. Our centenarians were asked […]

Join us for tons of fun at Sidney All Care Residence in partnership with Motion Specialties this Saturday June 4, 2016 from 10:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m. as we celebrate Access Awareness in Sidney. We are kicking it off with our annual Scooter Rodeo and Mobility Parade at Sidney All Care Residence. The parade will […]

Sometimes the simple things are the best.  Eating healthy for a healthy heart is neither complex nor difficult.  There are, of course, differences between individuals so one must take the suggestions listed below in that light.  General guidelines are as follows: Reduce salt intake. Most of the salt in our diet is hidden in processed […]

Crime Prevention Safety Tips Telemarketing Fraud “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!” Use of the telephone for the sale of a wide range of services or products can be an effective, legitimate marketing tool for any number of businesses. However, the legitimacy of well-known companies has provided an excellent […]

Transitioning from one home to another is difficult at any age. I always find it especially hard in complex care for the families, it is usually a new roll that the son, daughter, friend is in.  Families often experience stress and guilt during the first couple of weeks after they have made the decision to […]

Starting October 1, 2015 to November 1, 2015 for every new “like” we receive on our All Care Canada Inc. Facebook page we will donate $1 to the Alzheimer Society of B.C. as a kick start to Sidney’s work on becoming Dementia-Friendly. Help us spread the word and share this post! Please remember to have […]

‘Brendan?” he shouted from upstairs. “Yes, Dad.” “Are you able to help me with the, uhhh, um, what’s it called … the CD player?” “Yes, Dad. But remember? I just need an hour to finish this article that is due tomorrow. It’s really important that I get this done.” “Oh, okay. I’m sorry. I forgot.” […]

This past Sunday was National Ice Cream Day! Ice cream comes in a variety of flavours and also textures, hard ice cream, soft serve, dairy free, fat free, gelato, gluten free and sugar free! What is your favourite flavour? I love cotton candy and bubble gum! Here are some delicious homemade Ice cream recipes!   […]

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